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Meet Our Dental Team

The dental hygienists, assistants and administrative staff at Dr. Rachel Navaneelan & Associates are dedicated to providing comprehensive, personalized dental care to our patients in Cornwall.

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Dental Hygienists

Stephanie Wootton #1

Stephanie Wootton

Jaime Wheeler

Lisa Lavoie

Angele Boudrias #1

Angele Boudrias

Emily Green #1

Emily Green

Dental Assistants

Jennifer McRae

Diane Paquette

Carla Cain

Lindsay Bigelow

Alexis Bergeron

Amber Archambault

Jennifer Helmer

Administrative Staff

Angela Villeneuve

Shawna Flaro

Ghislaine Guindon #1

Ghislaine Guindon

LeeAnn Albert

Laurie St. Pierre

Lindsay Crawford

Jocelyn Nicholson

Heather Baker #1

Heather Baker

Katelyn Dumoulin #1

Katelyn Dumoulin

Melanie Barnes #1

Melanie Barnes

New Patients Always Welcome

There are hundreds of languages in the world and a great smile speaks them all. Contact our Cornwall dental office to get started today.

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